Our Services

Are you passionate about modernization? So are we. Our management expertise, organization skills, and knowledge of leading-edge solutions will bring you into the now and make sure you’re prepared for what’s next. Let us help you simplify governance, update technology, consolidate data centers, realize the benefits of data science, enhance cybersecurity, find top IT talent, and plan for disaster recovery and response.


IT Support Services

AET provides project management, risk management, IT Planning Support, and Helpdesk Services.



AET is involved in IT Modernization as we are on the cutting edge of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Processing Automation, Agile Software Development and more.


Security & Cybersecurity

AET is vigilant on providing safe and secure cybersecurity, information assurance models, and DevSecOps.


Integration Services

AET specializes in project-based services focusing on health IT, big data analysis, and systems integration

Why Choose AET?

AET brings a world-class ability to develop and integrate IT solutions that are reliable, of high-quality, and are cost-effective. AET realizes that your organization’s success hinges on solutions and services that align with your unique goals. Our team of skilled professionals are committed to supporting you at each stage, creating custom tailored strategies according to your specific needs. Trust us to be a catalyst for innovation, striving for innovative and collaborative solutions for all of our clients. Reach out to us today to discover more and embark on your journey towards modern and unique solutions.

  • Our Vision

    AET Federal aspires to be a catalyst for innovation, harnessing the power of data to empower businesses to reach their pinnacle. We provide our clients with the knowledge and tools needed to craft superior business strategies and make informed decisions. We strive to forge enduring relationships with our clients, aiding them in staying abreast of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our ambition is to be a reliable ally in our clients' success journey, characterized by cooperation, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality.



AET Federal, Inc. is recognized as an official Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Certified Employer, and awarded a certificate from the State Governor of Virginia. Through the V3 Program, AET provides support to recruit, hire, and retain Veterans and Military Spouses. AET has a special appreciation and offers a unique opportunity to help Veterans gain meaningful, long-lasting, and impactful career employment at our organization.