Introducing Identity Orchestration for modernizing your IAM

AET has partnered with Atricore to provide the highest quality products and services from one of the most trusted names in the field of Identity & Access Management (IAM).

The AET Identity Fabric is an innovate identity orchestration technology that provides agile modernization of your identity infrastructure by leveraging your preferred cloud providers while protecting your existing infrastructure investments.



  • End-of-life identity infrastructure.
    • On-Prem web access management (WAM) systems like CA SiteMinder, IBM Tivoli Access, and Oracle Access Manager are becoming obsolete, resulting in unacceptable levels of risk as well as operational burden.
    • Replacement cost is prohibitive and potentially disruptive to the organization.
  • Identity infrastructure is no longer in compliance.
    • Existing identity infrastructures are no longer able to keep up with increasingly tighter regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, regional data protection —the list goes on.
  • Data security has become an issue.
    • Stricter standards for compliance require even tighter management of data.
    • Just a few examples include encryption throughout data life cycles, audit trails, specific identity proofing, and authentication requirements.
    • There are also requirements for accessibility, and personal data laws mandating that personal data must be stored only in (or replicated to) the user’s home jurisdiction.


  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)
    • Run your identity infrastructure in your preferred clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP and more) and pay only for what you use.
  • Bring Your Own Identity Infrastructure
    • Modernize your identity infrastructure with a best-of-breed strategy (leverage capabilities from multiple providers, such as Okta, Azure, etc.)
  • Legacy friendly
    • Integrates with existing identity infrastructure, promoting a smooth transition and preserving previous investment.
  • No-code
    • Quick to implement through visual interface. Pre-integrated with mainstream enterprise applications.
  • Subscription-based
    • Low upfront investment and CapEx benefits.

Click here for the AET Identity Fabric White Paper

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