AET delivers agile software solutions that meet mission and business needs while reducing time, cost and risk. By employing agile software development methodologies, we ensure that every project benefits from repeatable, effective and efficient practices.
We develop the quality products and services that customers need.
Life sciences & Healthcare industry is evolving rapidly from selling products to delivering value through a better patient outcomes. The technology landscape is growing exponentially. The industry is witnessing a dramatic transformation, and “convergence” has emerged as a pivotal focal-point. Convergence of the entire ecosystem, including pharmaceutical companies, payers, providers, and other intermediaries with the patient at the center, is driving this journey. There is a definite shift from the outdated fee-for-service models to a more patient-centric, value-based, and affordable one.

Leading life sciences companies are capitalizing on new opportunities such as AI, RPA, quantum computing, predictive analytics and blockchain to create innovative patient-centric products and services that deliver digital experiences similar to those people receive in other aspects of their day-to-day lives. The players in the ecosystem are constantly on the lookout for making meaningful and creative use of technology to bring together applications, infrastructure, and IoT enabled devices. They strive to offer unique and digital solutions to patients, ensuring a seamless and affordable healthcare experience, that involves innovative orchestration of holistic and end-to-end offerings, including IoT, Digital, Analytics, Applications, and Cloud services.

These advancements cannot function without robust, comprehensive and secure data at scale. Life sciences CIOs must reimagine their technology architectures, extending their enterprises into ecosystems of partners to create disruptions in the way business is run.

Our Life Sciences Technology Services harness these advanced technology capabilities and build on our partnerships to provide industry-specific solutions across all features of the life sciences value chain.

For the last 10 years, we have been a ‘partner of choice’ for leading Life Sciences & Healthcare companies. We work with our pharmaceutical, biotech, medical technology, distributor and consumer health clients globally to redefine the future of the life sciences industry: combining the latest technology with scientific breakthroughs to revolutionize how medical treatments are discovered, developed and delivered to patients around the world.

Life Sciences enterprises are looking towards technology companies to understand how creatively they can deploy next gen avenues, including:

Automation, application modernization, and infrastructure landscape to make it lean and agile with an optimized cost blueprint
Advanced, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to generate meaningful insights that facilitate decision making
Digital strategies leveraging IoT, Digital, and SMAC technologies for building highly scalable Connected Digital Health Platforms, which ensure better
patient/care-giver connectivity, issue resolution, adherence level improvements, and enhanced brand value and market share.


We add value to our customers with a unique problem solving approach, called the ADD (Analyze–>Design–>Deliver) paradigm.
The reality is that clients do not have sufficient time to spend on different phases of the problem-solving journey with corresponding vendors. Life Sciences companies are increasingly on the lookout for truncating this process and want an integrated end-to-end approach with a single vendor to minimize hops, maximize productivity, and accelerate product launches and go-to-market.
Working with leading pharmaceutical companies, our team add value to each of following phases:

Discover Phase

We engage with customers in moving beyond the traditional value chain processes and discover problems or consumer-level challenges through a unique ‘persona-based’ value discovery exercise.

Design Phase

We deploy the Design Thinking framework, a set of tools and a mindset for problem-solving based on “empathy”. It’s an approach of creatively combining rational, functional, and emotional needs of the users for delivering “Unique User Experiences”. This is based on user’s needs, behaviors, constraints, and operating contexts. Our Design Thinking is powered by a strong combination of Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. The focus is more towards reframing business problems and designing a human-centered and experience-centric platform solution that is both agile and scalable.

Deliver Phase

We follow “platform-centric” and “As-a-Service” delivery models. Additionally, we offer Plug & Play of Products, Application Development & Maintenance, and Hosting & Business Services to deliver more business aligned solutions to customers.

As such, AET is working on significant transformation of national structure and local identity to better connect every aspect of care and innovation across health care sites and subsidiaries. By organizing the system’s areas of expertise within two divisions – Healthcare and Solutions – AET is an integral part of Health IT leaders that will enhance internal collaboration, better support physicians and other caregivers, which ultimately will provide more affordable, high-quality care for patients across much of the nation. Gain new insights from our experts to make a real impact on how healthcare is delivered and the exciting enhancements about to come.

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