AET delivers agile software solutions that meet mission and business needs while reducing time, cost and risk. By employing agile software development methodologies, we ensure that every project benefits from repeatable, effective and efficient practices. We develop the quality products and services that customers need.

Our efforts are based on Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI-DEV) processes, which ensure that we develop quality products and services that meet the needs of customers. We emphasize collaboration with developers, managers and end users to produce deliverables in short increments within tight deadlines—often measured in weeks rather than months. This approach reduces risk by identifying and cost-effectively correcting problems in the early stages of development.



AET helps its clients navigate today’s dramatic technology shifts, delivering sustainable solutions more quickly at lower total lifecycle cost. Our business has been built around partnership and collaboration with a focus on:

  • Strategy, transformation, and change needed to successfully adopt technology
  • Rapid and consistent solution delivery based on Agile/DevOps best practices and delivery models
  • Sharing and reuse of platform applications, components, and open-source capabilities
  • Disciplined fit analysis to ensure proper solution architecture, maximized out-of-the-box (OOTB) configuration, and minimized maintenance.

As a full life-cycle IT management consulting company, we bring expertise in enterprise architecture, legacy integration and migration, change management, and cybersecurity to all of our Salesforce® projects. Anyone can take requirements and build something, but AET is completely aligned with federal customers’ main objectives: bring the best-of-breed technology to the government and ensure compliance, implement what is needed quickly, and deliver solutions that can be maintained by the Government in order to minimize or eliminate maintenance costs.


1- Stakeholder engagement and collaboration
2- Agile software development methodology
3- CMMI-DEV methodology
4- Vendor-agnostic development tools and platforms
5- COTS & GOTS integration expertisev